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                        China will finish building a second 'artificial sun' this year in its quest to find near-limitless cheap green energy


                        Chinese scientists are said to be building a new 'artificial sun' in a quest to find cheap, near-limitless and renewable energy.


                        The cutting-edge device is expected to hit temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius, or more than six times hotter than the core of our closest star, according to a project leader.


                        Set to be complete this year, the new equipment is designed to replicate the nuclear fusion processes that naturally occurs in the sun; and the artificial course is expected to turn hydrogen into cost-effective green energy.


                        The machine, called HL-2M Tokamak, is being constructed at the Southwestern Institute of Physics, which is affiliated to the China National Nuclear Corporation.


                        The news was announced by the institute's deputy dean on Sunday in Beijing during a major political meeting in China.


                        China already built an 'artificial sun' last year, called Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST).


                        During an experiment last November, the temperature of the ions in EAST reached a key milestone of 100 million degrees Celsius, more than six times than that of the core of the sun which peaks at around 15 million degrees Celsius.


                        The achievement was considered a milestone in the country's search for affordable clean resources.


                        During the process of nuclear fusion, gas is heated up and separated into its constituent ions and electrons.


                        According to Mr Duan, for the fusion to generate energy, the temperature of the ions must exceed 100 million degrees Celsius, which is why his team is working on developing a more powerful and advanced device than EAST.


                        EAST was built by scientists at the China's Hefei Institutes of Physical Science.


                        Scientists believe that nuclear fusion occurs at 100 million degrees Celsius - causing charged deuterium and tritium particles join together in a huge burst of energy.


                        These particles normally repel each other, and enormous temperatures are required to overcome their opposing forces.


                        The goal of the team behind EAST was to better understand the process of fusion ahead of building a full reactor.


                        EAST currently holds the world record for sustaining a reaction in a Tokamak - a paltry 101.2 seconds back in 2017.


                        The Tokamak is the world's most developed magnetic confinement system and is the basis for the design of many modern fusion reactors.It involves light elements, such as hydrogen, smashing together to form heavier elements, such as helium.


                        For fusion to occur, hydrogen atoms are placed under high heat and pressure until they fuse together.



                        Tokamak Energy, a nuclear fusion company based in Oxfordshire, claims it will build a fusion reactor for power generation by 2030.

                        位于牛津郡的核聚变公司托卡马克能源(Tokamak Energy)声称将在2030年前建造一座用于发电的聚变反应堆。


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                        Alison B, Maitland, Australia, 1 day ago

                        So they can make an artificial sun but can"t even make decent baby formula??


                        Unclaimedgerm, Shanghai, China, 1 day ago

                        Be careful what you wish for, we can buy all your milk and babyformula factories and export direct to china. No baby formula on Aussie supermarket shelves then. Be nice and think


                        bloom333, melbourne, Australia, 1 day ago

                        If anyone is going to stuff this planet up it will be Asia


                        hotbutter, san paolo, Australia, 2 days ago

                        Isn't that just nuclear power?..


                        cheeky Monkey, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

                        More stolen tech that has NOT been invented by the US..


                        megohm, uptown, Australia, 2 days ago

                        If they get it to work the Yanks will just claim the technology was stolen. After all they are the only one's to invent anything, just ask them.


                        mat c, sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

                        " nations are racing to build the world's first fusion reactor " I wonder what nations they would be .. It's certainly not Australia our government is to busy trying to send us broke while spending all our tax dollars on windmills and solar panels and making electricity in 2019 a luxury item for a lot of people



                        sethman1975, Sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

                        Can an actual scientist tell us what would happen if this went wrong?


                        megamarkd, Wicked, Australia, 2 days ago

                        'Artificial sun'... yeah right. And they'd never use such tech for weapons of war.


                        Nelllakam, Boston Cairns Sydney, Australia, 2 days ago

                        Ever heard of H-b0mb? This is what it is, except scientists are trying to create the same process which can be controlled. H-b0mb is uncontrolled.


                        EP in Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, 2 days ago

                        I wonder if it comes with extended warrantee.


                        Aslam al-Basha, Bradford, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

                        Chinese elevators eat people


                        cheeky Monkey, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

                        the most recent train crashes and bridge collapsing were in....... The US..

                        最近的火车相撞和桥梁倒塌都发生在美国. .

                        Martin_Penwalt, Dallas, United States, 2 days ago

                        Maybe they'll ignite the atmosphere and incinerate Earth.


                        Wayne Hisler, Albuquerque NM, United States, 2 days ago

                        The sun is the sun. It belongs to nobody. We belong on earth. It is insanity to think that humans can navigate a craft anywhere close to the sun.


                        John Smith II, Windsor, Canada, 2 days ago

                        I am afraid this will end really bad and not just for China.


                        Blueayes, London, Vatican, 3 days ago

                        So this will contribute to global warming


                        Sargeast 1, Huntsville, United States, 3 days ago

                        With China's history for cutting corners, what could go wrong?


                        Brian on Orion, Close By, United States, 3 days ago

                        These mini suns will be what ends life for good I fear.


                        Wisconsin Deplorable, Milwaukee, United States, 3 days ago

                        China is training millions of skilled engineers and scientists, while the West is hobbled by toxic political correctness and absurd identity politics. It won't end well.


                        myeyesonly, montreal, Canada, 3 days ago

                        Oh Jesus the end is near hahha


                        Ré Cee, Brooklyn, United States, 3 days ago

                        What's concerning about this is that the process of fusion, once it starts, does not stop. How do these scientists prevent the mini Sun from growing to the point that it engulfs our very planet?


                        Red Kelly, Durham, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

                        Darn those Chinese pushing new technology unlike the American push for a return to the fossil fuel past and Britain's utter inability to organise any form of transport or energy infrastructure while the right wing media push an anti renewable agenda .


                        bysmith, Ashburn , United States, 3 days ago

                        In the meantime the US is trying to bring back coal.




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